Windows, Moisture, And Your Home

The Link That Connects Replacement Windows In Alpharetta GA, Moisture, And Your Home
At times, it is difficult to decide whether your home needs new windows. However, there are indicators that should help you with this decision. For instance, if you notice your window and window sill soaked on the inside even if it’s not raining this could mean a serious condensation problem. And this is definitely bad news for your home.

Many problems affecting your windows and window sills are moisture-related and developed when your home windows sweat. Yes, they do sweat. But unlike us, they sweat during winter as the temperature difference between each side of the glass causes condensation. This sweating is worst when you have aluminum single-pane windows at home. The water runs down the glass and often pools on the sill. Eventually, this can cause the sill to warp and deteriorate. And mind you, a messed-up window sill is only the beginning and probably the least of your worries.

Once the water finds a way from the window frame to the wall, this could damage wooden support beams along the way and create visible cracks that will in turn invite termites to feast on your home, your major real estate investment. This could also encourage the growth of potentially dangerous and even deadly mold. To prevent this scenario from happening in the future, it is best to nip the problem in the bud. You should consider a window replacement. We at Zen Windows Atlanta can provide you with double-pane windows that will do a much better job of preventing condensation than your old single-pane units.

If you’ve got water-damaged sills, we can do the necessary adjustments while installing your new windows. If you are worried about the cost, ignoring the problem will just end you up spending way so much more later on for water-related home repairs and mold remediation. So take action now and get in touch with us for our famous 5-minute window quote!

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