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Vinyl High-end vinyl windows are a good choice because they offer both convenience and durability. Vinyl is a low-maintenance material and is very flexible in terms of design so it’s limitless when it comes to producing stylish windows that add to the beauty of a home. Vinyl windows are made in a wide range of colors and designs. This makes them very versatile and makes them fit each one’s personal style and taste. Replacement Windows By Zen With increasing advancements in technology and innovation that has been poured onto the design of windows these past few years, now would be the best time to look into getting new replacement windows for your home. Whether you want to get replacement windows to be able to save money through energy-efficient models or you want to spice up the look of your house, or both, you don’t need to look anywhere else. Zen Windows has the models, designs and prices that will surely meet your needs. Aside from providing energy-efficient and nice looking windows, we’re also very open when it comes to talking about window replacement costs. We are the leading retailer of replacement windows in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re proud to say that we offer a wide variety of windows that can meet and satisfy the needs of any remodeling project. We always see to it that we provide our customers with a painless shopping experience by providing them a wide selection of window types. Just click on the pictures above of the style that meets your tastes and preferences. You can also browse through the selection of replacement windows that we offer by holding your cursor on the Replacement Windows tab in the menu at the top of this page. With Zen Windows, you no longer need to have the fear of having to go through a painful process or inviting high pressure salesmen in your home just so you can get the replacement windows that you need. We ensure a positive experience for all of our clients with our no money down guarantee and our commitment to installing the windows by our Zen Windows certified installation crews. This is our way of showing our clients that we’re truly dedicated to making their search for replacement windows as easy as possible. If you want to get a free online quote today, feel free to do so by clicking “Contact Us” box located at the top of this page. Note About Fiberglass Windows: Contrary to the aggressive ad campaigns you see about the virtues of fiberglass windows, windows made with virgin vinyl offer far more benefits than fiberglass.

  • Fiberglass windows usually cost much more than vinyl. (If it is not more expensive, then buyer beware.)
  • Fiberglass windows are joined at the corners by hardware instead of being made as one continuous piece. Because of this, these joints loosen over time. These joints simply do not hold together perfectly over years of use and temperature change. Vinyl windows are welded at the joints so that the entire frame literally becomes one piece.
  • Fiberglass looses it’s luster over time especially the windows that are exposed to direct sunlight. You have only to look at the finish of a boat to see how it dulls over the span of just a few years, even thru the paint.
  • Quality vinyl windows made with virgin vinyl has none of these characteristics.
  • It is true that fiberglass is stiffer and much more rigid than vinyl. This fact is also one of the major disadvantages of fiberglass.  This rigidity causes cracking over time as well as limiting the versatility of the products that can be made from fiberglass.

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