Why Is It A Good Idea To Change Your Entry Door When You Replace Your Home’s Windows?

A lot of homeowners today have decided to replace their home’s windows not just for the reason of improving its aesthetic value but as well to get the chance to lower down their heating bills and improve its overall value. Most homeowners don’t get satisfied with the overall energy savings that they get from having new replacement windows. Even though the replacement windows offer a lot of curb appeal, the amount of heat loss of the home hasn’t been dramatically affected. You need to know that this is not necessarily because of the quality of the replacement windows that have been installed or the quality of the install that was done. A lot of people get really caught up in the details of the actual windows themselves that they fail to consider another important factor.

Possible questions that may arise include:

  1. Are the windows a solid vinyl construction?
  2. Are they fusion-welded?
  3. Are their frame structures made with I-beam construction?
  4. Do the windows have weeped sills, balanced covers, etc?

Furthermore, people will think whether or not the windows have warm-edge technology, argon gas, Lo-e glass, and an overall insulating glass package that will provide a good R-value rating.

If we assume that the replacement windows have all of the integral parts and that they have been installed perfectly well, why are still homeowners unhappy with the small amount of change that they observe on their heating and cooling costs? The answer to this question basically lies on the largest opening of most homes, the front entry door.

A lot of people fail to realize that when they successfully seal their homes with energy efficient vinyl windows, the cold or warm air inside will rush to the least insulated part of their house which would be the front door. This is the main reason why it’s important for a window company to discuss with clients the need to replace their front entry door when they decide to have new windows installed. If you want to be able to have full coverage on energy savings, you need to consider both windows and doors.

Having an insulated steel entry door system is critical if you want to meet a home’s needs in today’s time. High energy saving performance doors that provide both good security and aesthetic value are readily available for affordable prices in today’s market. You can try getting a steel gauge door that has compression weather stripping, a unique glasslite design, and an adjustable oak threshold. This type of door would be essential and economical if the main reason for your project is to improve your home’s energy efficiency and facilitate its sale.

Always remember to think both windows and doors when you’re considering having a window project for your home. Since your home’s front door can have a huge effect on heating and cooling efficiencies. Talking about getting an energy efficient replacement door is something that you’ll want to discuss with your window and door company. Doing so will allow you to plan your project way better so that you can get the best results for your home.


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