Why Do Window Bids Differ So Much?

This is a really good question. Before we proceed to answering this, you need to know that there are really good windows and there are really bad windows on sale in the market today.

In general, people who shop for replacement windows for their homes will get three bids. In the same location, all these three bids will be really close in range but sometimes they can differ to a huge extent. There a lot of reasons for this but the main one would be the fact that pricing of the windows is a direct function of the overhead of the company that’s providing the quote. In one of the cases we’ve encountered, one of our customers got three quotes from three different companies. The first one gave a quote of $51,000. The second company’s estimate was $32,000. Zen Windows’ bid was only $15,000. With a puzzled look on their face, the homeowners asked us why there’s such a significant difference in price range. I started off comforting them by telling them that the other two companies that gave those quotes were reputable and that they offer high quality products paired with good installation services so they were not trying to take advantage of them. In addition, I told them that in any type of business model, people who own businesses will do their best to earn good profit. In their quest to do so, a company can have a really huge office, a group of 60 telemarketers, 60 canvassers, 30 sales people, 15 managers, and so on. All of these overload needs to build on the price of the windows that they offer. And on top of all of the people that they have, they also need to pay for marketing expenses. Most companies market their business on the newspaper, radio, television, etc. This further makes their replacement windows more expensive.

Afterwards, I explained to them how the Zen Windows business model has been designed and set up. The founder of Zen Windows, Dan Wolt, has been in the window business for 20 years and has realized that he could make a business model that will not only work best for him but as well as for homeowners. Through the Zen Windows business model, we have made the shopping experience for homeowners an extremely painless one. We’ve also provided people something that’s rather unique in the kind of industry that we’re in. All the business comes from either word of mouth or what you may have done a few minutes ago, an online search. Our clients find that the Zen Windows business model is something that works for everybody.

First of all, our clients meet up with me, the owner. I don’t have any salespeople in my company for a lot of reasons. These reasons include the following: 1. This is my own company and brand, and I would want to be the only person who gets to represent it; 2. If my clients need anything from my company, they can easily contact me directly because I have given them my personal cell phone and office phone numbers, as well as my email address. Through this, they won’t have to deal with anybody else but the owner of the company; and 3. Doing this gives me the ability to keep my prices extremely competitive because I don’t have to deal with sales commissions and there’s very little overhead. Since my business is largely based on referrals, I get the advantage of having the flexibility to take care of my clients by helping and guiding them with their window replacement as well as their home improvement budgets.


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