Why Do Other Home Improvement Companies Require A Down Payment?

Other than stating the obvious, which is either a company getting your check and cashing it in and never actually doing the work you asked from them or, doing tactics that will delay the project because they already have the money that they need from you, a lot of things are involved in a window project aside from the replacement windows themselves. First of all, the window installers from any company out there are going to be tearing your home apart. In order for you to make sure that their guys are going to carry out your project accurately and the way you want it to be, you should take into consideration the different components that a lot of homeowners never even think about.

Here are a couple of important questions that you need to ask about the installation process:

  1. If my windows need to wood bucked, am I going to be charged extra for this?
  2. Will you charge for damages such as casing, sills, etc.?
  3. Are you going to move my furniture before you start with the installation process or am I going to be responsible for doing this?
  4. Are you going to remove or replace my air conditioning units?
  5. Are you going to provide me with new capping, casing or caulk?
  6. Are you going to use silicone when caulking?
  7. Are you going to remove or install my awnings?
  8. Are you going to insulate the walls situated around the windows and seal around the corners?
  9. If you find rotted pieces of wood while removing my old windows, are you going to replace them?
  10. If I need to have a new header, am I going to be charged for that?

The things stated above are just a few of the things that are going to prevent you from being charged too much money for your project or ending up getting a poor window installation done on your home.

Lastly, you also need to remember to ask whether or not the installers are going to pick up and haul away all of the debris that are going to be produced during the installation process. Plus, you should also ask the company if they are going to vacuum your home and wash your windows.

With Zen Windows, you get a huge advantage upfront because you don’t have to give us any down payment. This means that you don’t have to pay us any money until your project is done 100% correctly and you’re happy with it. This is our own way of protecting you and making sure that your home’s new window project is going to be done professionally and in a seamless manner.


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