How Important Is The Window Installer For Your Project?

A lot of homeowners who decide to have replacement windows installed on their homes commit the mistake of ignoring the qualifications of the window installer. If people pour all of their concern on the price, they put all of their attention on the quality of the window.

Checking carefully for the quality of the replacement windows you’re planning to buy is important. You want to make sure that the ones you’re going to get not only look good, are energy efficient, but are very durable as well. You can do so by checking if the manufacturer of the windows have been in business for more than 30 years and have been known to offer time-tested products and seeing for yourself if they use the right glass package and durable materials. Doing all of these things would be a good start. However, you shouldn’t stop there.

A lot of homeowners stop their shopping efforts when they find the best windows in the market offered at the best price. They fail to realize that it’s also very important to look into the qualifications of the window installer who’s going to put those windows on their home. When you check whether or not the window installer is the right person for the job, you can start by asking your window company if their installers are subcontractors or actual employees of their company. The answer you get from this will give you a good idea as to how the company operates. A window company’s loyal installers should ideally be assigned to work on window install jobs only. They should never be used as jacks of all trades by having them take on whatever type of project that comes along the way.

Next, you can check for the installers’ qualifications by asking the window company if they have passed the AAMI certification program. A window company that has AAMI-certified installers that have years of experience who are actual employees of their firm, paired with high quality products, would be the ideal choice to go for.

Let’s consider the other side of the spectrum. A lot of window companies today choose to hire subcontractors for the job. Subcontractors are basically installers who work for different companies at the same time. Window companies decide when they’re going to use the subcontractors and usually negotiate labor pricing to compensate for slow times during the year. In addition, subcontractors are assigned to handle different types of jobs aside from installs. This means, they may be installing windows today and could be asked to install a new bathroom the next day and onto a different task the day after that.

Subcontractors are generally not loyal to any single company and are usually not AAMI-certified. This means that it wouldn’t make any sense to spend hours on doing research to look for the best windows in the market if you’re going to hand them over to the wrong people for the installation job.

AAMI-certified window installers who work for the window company are tasked to ensure that the windows get installed properly. Moreover, they are trained to perform all the necessary adjustments to the client’s home such as checking for termite infestation and water damage, replacing rotted wood, insulating the walls before actually installing the new replacement windows. AAMI-certified installers are also going to properly caulk both the interior and exterior of the windows and will custom cap the exterior in order to give the home a complete finish. This kind of installer takes pride in the quality of the work that they do not only because they represent a company but also because they are employed by the company itself.

Please don’t think that this is a knock on subcontractors. There are a lot of good ones out there. However, when you want to have home improvements done, it would be best for you to reduce the risk of a bad installation as much as you can. Having an AAMI-certified window installer for the job is the best way to do this. With this type of installer, you can be assured that your windows are going to be installed perfectly and that issues that are going to arise in the future will be serviced properly.


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