Can Replacement Windows And Doors Be Installed During Winter In Atlanta?

Yes, of course. Both replacement windows and doors can be installed during winter in Atlanta, Ga.

To prevent heat loss, our installers perform the necessary precautions by only installing windows one at a time. They do the window replacement prep work before removing the windows. This helps them minimize the amount of time the old windows or doors are out of your home and the amount of time before your new set of replacement windows can be installed. Ideally, the out time for your window, if it’s installed properly, should never go beyond five minutes. To provide extra precaution, all of the doors in the rooms are going to be closed to prevent further drafts.

Even though the window replacement prep work is going to require more effort from our installers, you won’t have to pay us extra. As a matter of fact, window installations done during winter can help you save both time and money because labor costs as well as delivery times are much faster during this season.

The window installation by Zen Windows is a quiet process. When a window is properly installed upstairs, you won’t even hear the window replacement crew working while you’re watching TV in your den. The same thing goes for installing new doors that will never leak air again.

We respect your family and your home. This is why we make sure that we have one installer outside the house and another one inside. Through this, we can prevent ourselves from bringing in any residue such as mud or snow into your house during the installation process.

With Zen Windows, you won’t have to go through another cold and expensive winter because of the new energy efficient and beautiful windows that we’re going to install for you. The replacement windows that we’re going to provide you will allow you to enjoy the rest of the winter season in absolute comfort while helping you improve the overall value of your home. This makes it a lot more secure, better looking, and gives it the ability to reduce outside noise.

Respect and proper installation are key components of the Zen Windows experience.


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