What Makes A Good Vinyl Window?

How To Spot Good Quality Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Sash meeting rails showing structural interlock and K-Beam™ reinforcement.

Finding a quality double hung window doesn’t have to be so difficult. In fact, it can be easy and simple if you know what to look for. Just pay attention to the overall design which can help you determine if the double hung can offer you excellent insulating properties, high energy efficiency, and durability among others. But then again, how will you know if a double hung window is well-designed or not? Below are six crucial elements that you need to look for when shopping for your windows.

  1. Interlocks: A good vinyl double hung should have its sashes hooking into each other as well as the window frame. This creates a strong and solid barrier that prevents air from leaking out.
    Foam fill adds insulation to the multi-chambered construction.
  1. Reinforced meeting rails: Reinforcement adds strength and stability to the windows. Non-metal reinforcements are the most ideal to use because they boast of impressive strength as they are considered to be five times stronger than steel. In addition, they offer higher levels of insulation than aluminum thus, minimizing cold transfer to a huge extent.
  2. Foam filled frame and sashes: Vinyl windows will always have the added advantage over their metal, wood and aluminum counterparts because of their multi-chambered frame construction. This design provides not only added strength and durability, but also makes it possible for the foam insulation to be injected into the frame increasing the insulating properties of vinyl windows. The stick foam is another product that can also be inserted into the chambers of vinyl windows which can greatly slow down heat transfer.
    Welded corners prevent air from leaking through the corners.
  3. Weather-stripping: The type and amount of weather stripping used in a window determines its ability to prevent air leakage. A quality vinyl double hung window should have at least two strips around its sashes to enable it to keep air infiltration at a minimum.
  4. Welded corners: Double hung windows with welded corner joints have an advantage over windows that have their sashes and frames mechanically joined. This is because the latter approach can weaken overtime allowing air to leak out while the former will not only provide a strong resistance against air infiltration, it will also give your windows a clean and professional finish.
  5. Insulated glass: Choosing the right glass for your window is an important decision that can determine its energy performance. Among others, you have to consider the number of glass panes, the type of glass coating, the type of spacer between the glasses, and so on. You can choose from our 23 differentvariations of insulated glass to ensure that your double hung windows
    Insulated glass unit showing three panes of glass and two Super Spacers.
    rank high on energy efficiency and fully meet your energy efficiency needs at home.

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