Single Hung Windows

What Are Single Hung Windows?

Only the bottom sash operates on a single hung window.

A single hung window is very similar to a double hung except for one major difference. Only its bottom sash is operational while its top sash stays fixed and does not slide or tilt. In comparison, a double hung has two sashes, which can be moved up and down in addition to being further tilted in for easy cleaning.

One common reason for choosing a single hung is its affordability. Since it only has one sash working, this keeps the total cost of the unit low, about 15% less than the cost of a double hung.

Quality Window Designed For A Limited Budget

Single hung windows are affordable
and can still dress up a home.

Single hung windows are the perfect choice when you are looking for quality and good price in one neat package. Our only line of single hung windows, The Limited, will ensure that you get good value for your money. Their features include:

  • Transferable Warranty: Our single hung replacement windows come with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty while we offer a 10 year warranty on our new construction single hung windows.
  • Tilt-in bottom sash: The bottom sash of Zen’s single hungs can be tilted in for easy cleaning particularly on its exterior surface.
  • Minimal air infiltration: We design our singlehungs with atleast two strips of weather stripping to allow very littleair infiltration as well as to offer maximumweather protection.
  • Meeting rail interlock: The interlock is designed to minimize air infiltration and for added strength and security.
  • Energy efficiency: All of our single hungs adhere
    The bottom sash tilts
    in for easy cleaning.

    to and meet the standards of the Energy Star and NFRC for energy efficiency. For maximum overall performance, we offer additional energy efficient glass package upgrades.

  • Multi-chambered frames: With multiple heavy gauge walls, our vinyl single hungs offer superior strength and optimum thermal performance.
  • Innovative sill design: The one-piece sill keeps the sill and jamb weather-tight.
  • Balance system: Our Certa-force™ Balance system uses a coil to ensure easy and simple operation of the bottom sash without the need for adjustments or lubricants.

Our single hung windows can be customized to meet your diverse requirements and specifications.

If you still can’t decide which window is most suitable for your home, contact Zen Windows Atlanta and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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