Double Hung vs Single Hung

Are Single Hungs Inferior To Double Hung Vinyl Windows?

Both sashes lift up and
tilt-in for easy cleaning.

When you have to choose between a single hung and double hung window, or any other style of window for that matter, we try to make your decision-making process simple and quick. At Zen Windows Atlanta, we put much consideration in equipping our units with all the important features that you are looking for in a window such as high energy efficiency, ease of operation, durability, and affordability. Regardless of your ultimate choice, you will have the kind of windows that will perform at their optimum potential and will serve you for many years. With us, deciding which window to get becomes just a matter of personal preference.

  • Two operational sashes: This is the most common reason why homeowners choose double hung windows.
    Poorly designed windows can
    leak air in numerous places,
    making your home drafty.
    With two sashes that can be lifted up and lowered down, you can have proper control of air flow in your room. With proper air circulation, you can actually reduce your cooling bills at home. In addition, the sashes of Zen’s double hungs are also able to tilt in which can make cleaning an easy task. In comparison, with a single hung window, only its bottom sash can be moved up and down for ventilation purposes.
  • Affordability: With just one operating sash, a single hung window is understandably less expensive than a double hung. This makes it the most practical and sensible option for homeowners looking to keep their expenses down.
  • Air Infiltration: Regardless of your choice, both of our double hung and single hung windows can keep air leakage at a minimum. In fact, all Zen’s windows boast of the best air infiltration ratings in the business. This is because we completely understand how air infiltration has become a major concern among many homeowners today. Our double and single hung windows are designed with both air and water barriers plus sufficient amount of weather stripping to enable them to prevent a significant amount of air from escaping out of the home. This way, you can feel comfortable indoors without having to worry about excessive cooling and heating bills.
  • Energy Efficiency:  At Zen Windows Atlanta, you can choose from our more than 20 different glass packages to ensure that your single or double hung windows meet your energy efficiency requirements at home. However, Zen’s windows come standard with our Energy Star Award Winning glass package.

If you still can’t decide which window to get for your home, contact Zen Windows Atlanta to learn more about windows so you can come up with the best decision for you and your home.  

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