Windows And Lead-Based Paint

Replacement Windows In Johns Creek GA And Lead-Based Paint

Lead is a common material used in various industries and in a number of products. But this doesn’t mean it is safe. It is actually very dangerous. But what is even more dangerous is that these lead-contained products are inside practically all homes out there including yours. These items can range from car batteries, crayons, toys and even your window frames. And here’s more. If your home is built before 1978 (and almost all homes built before 1950), chances are that your walls, furniture and windows were painted with lead-based paint as well!

Through time, this paint cracks, chips, and peels away often attracting curious little children. They are further encouraged to chew on the paint as lead has this distinctly sweet taste. Now you have to remember that lead can be especially dangerous to youngsters as it impairs brain and nerve development, causing physical, mental, and behavioral problems. If you have kids at home, it is best to have your household paint tested for lead for everyone’s peace of mind.

In case the result turns out positive, you should take special precautions when taking on some remodeling projects especially when there’s the need to disturb the lead-based paint in your home. Sanding it off the wall for example, can be unsafe as harmful dust will be released into the air. However, don’t let this thing keep you from sprucing up your home. If you have plans to pursue a window replacement, we at Zen Windows Atlanta can do a lead-certified install. You can trust our company to provide you with the safest window installation and replacements possible regardless of the situation at hand.

Windows, Moisture, And Your Home

The Link That Connects Replacement Windows In Alpharetta GA, Moisture, And Your Home
At times, it is difficult to decide whether your home needs new windows. However, there are indicators that should help you with this decision. For instance, if you notice your window and window sill soaked on the inside even if it’s not raining this could mean a serious condensation problem. And this is definitely bad news for your home.

Many problems affecting your windows and window sills are moisture-related and developed when your home windows sweat. Yes, they do sweat. But unlike us, they sweat during winter as the temperature difference between each side of the glass causes condensation. This sweating is worst when you have aluminum single-pane windows at home. The water runs down the glass and often pools on the sill. Eventually, this can cause the sill to warp and deteriorate. And mind you, a messed-up window sill is only the beginning and probably the least of your worries.

Once the water finds a way from the window frame to the wall, this could damage wooden support beams along the way and create visible cracks that will in turn invite termites to feast on your home, your major real estate investment. This could also encourage the growth of potentially dangerous and even deadly mold. To prevent this scenario from happening in the future, it is best to nip the problem in the bud. You should consider a window replacement. We at Zen Windows Atlanta can provide you with double-pane windows that will do a much better job of preventing condensation than your old single-pane units.

If you’ve got water-damaged sills, we can do the necessary adjustments while installing your new windows. If you are worried about the cost, ignoring the problem will just end you up spending way so much more later on for water-related home repairs and mold remediation. So take action now and get in touch with us for our famous 5-minute window quote!

Double-Pane Or Triple-Pane Windows

Should You Opt For Double-Pane Or Triple-Pane Windows In Sandy Springs GA? Which One Make More Sense?
At this point, you most likely know that multi-pane windows particularly the dual-pane units are so much better than their single-pane counterparts in terms of qualities that truly matter practically to all homeowners-thermal and sound insulation. These sophisticated replacement windows that feature a layer of gas in between the two panes are much more efficient in making your indoor space comfortable all year round while at the same time keeping your energy bills at a minimum. Plus, they can buffer the sound that gets inside further elevating your level of comfort and convenience inside your home. Now, if two panes are good, three should be much better, right? After all, as what they say, the more, the merrier. Well, this isn’t always the case. In fact, we at Zen Windows Atlanta don’t normally encourage our clients to get triple-pane windows.

Don’t get this wrong. Triple-pane windows look good and perform even better. They are essentially double-pane windows on steroids. However, a double-pane window incorporated with all the necessary features like the Low-E glass and the vacuum-sealed gas fill can already do the job making a significant impact on your indoor comfort and home utility bills. Anything more than that like installing triple-paned glass just adds cost. The only times we actually recommend triple-pane windows to our customers are when they need extra protection from:

  • Direct sunlight –When there’s a room in your house that takes the full blast of the sun’s rays, you want to have all the protection that you’ll need and this is where triple-pane windows come in handy. We can install some on a certain side of your house while the rest will have to do with double-pane windows.
  • Noise – Because they are separated by three layers of glass, triple-pane windows are more likely to resist transmission from external noises. This makes them ideal to install in homes that are located in busy streets or near airports so you don’t need earplugs to get by during the day or night.

To help you decide whether or not your home will benefit from some strategically-positioned triple-pane windows, get in touch with us and tell us about your situation. We can help you come up with a decision that will allow you to have a comfortable time indoors without the need to spend more than you should.